Introduction of Gohar Energy Sirjan Company

Gohar Energy Sirjan Company (private held co.) has been registered on August 1 2009, with the number 2616, in Sirjan Department of Companies’ Registration and Industrial Ownership, and its main location is 50 kilometers from Sirjan on the road to Shiraz (Golgohar Mining and Industrial Complex)


Company’s Activities

According to the corporate charter, the subject of company’s main and principal activities includes the following:

  • Launching and Constructing Power Plants
  • Constructing and Implementing Projects of Power, Gas, and Water
  • Maintaining and Operating Power, Gas, and Water Facilities


Company’s Asset:

At the time of launching in 2009, company’s asset was 100 billion rials, which within three stages of asset enhancement in the years 2012, 2013 and 2016 has been increased up to 4500 billion rials.