The Project of the Construction of 230 KV Lines of Golgohar Mining and Industrial Complex

In line with the comprehensive plan of providing electricity required for the development plans of the companies located in Golgohar mining and industrial zone, and based on the studies carried out and the plan made by Gohar Energy Sirjan comoany, the executive operations of 230 KV 2-circuit , telescopic transfer lines for the purpose of joining the substation of Goharan combined cycle power plant to the substations of 230 KV Golgohar, Gohar Zamin 2, and the existing substation of Golgohar have been totally carried out.

In addition, in the period before the operation of Goharan power plant , the temporary electricity has been transferred from the existing post to 230 KV post using the above-mentioned lines, and the temporary electricity required for the development plan has been provided.

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