The Project of Constructing 1000 MW Gohran Power Plant

Technical Specifications of the Power Plant at a Glance:

Technical Specifications
1capacity of each gas station(ISO conditions) 166 MW
2capacity of each steam station(ISO conditions) 160 MW
3total capacity of the power plant492 MW
4location of the power plant50 kilometers from Sirjan on the road to Shiraz
5the voltage level of the power plant substation400 KV
6type of the main fuelnatural gas
7maximum consumption of gasin each phase h/m3 100000
8type of the second fuelgas oil
9maximum consumption of gas oil in each phase h/I 90000
10type of gas turbineV94/2.5 Map 2+
11type of the main cooling systemACC
12area of the land (hectare)approximately 100
13altitude from the sea level (m)1750

General Specifications of the Power Plant:

The purpose of implementing this plan is the provision of a considerable part of 1433 MW of electricity required for the development plans of  Golgohar mining and industrial company.

* Construction site of Goharan combined cycle power plant  is located in a land with the area of nearly 100 hectares 50 kilometers from Sirjan on the road to Shiraz (Golgohar mining and industrial complex).

* Executive operations of the power plant have been assigned to the contractor on October 27, 2013, and operational activities have begun. Goharan combined cycle power plant  consists of two blocks of 500 MW combined cycle.

* The first phase will include one block of combined cycle consisting of two 166 MW gas station and one 160 MW steam station with the total capacity of 492 MW and the output of 48% under ISO conditions.

* The second phase, similar to the first phase, includes a block of combined cycle.

* The main fuel of station is natural gas provided through pipe lines. The second fuel of the station is gas oil provided through carrying by tankers and storing in two 20000-cubic meter reservoirs.

* The turbines of the power plant are of the kind V94/2-Map 2(+) with the nominal speed of 3000 round/minute.

* The generators of the power plant are of the type 200 MW, 3-phase Ampere synchrony machines, with the nominal voltage of 15/75 KV and power coefficient of   o.8 . These generators are separated from the main trans using a high pressure key.

* The main transformator of the station , which has the function of joining the generator output to high pressure substation, has a capacity of 200 MW Ampere. The level of the Voltage of the substation of the power plant is also 400 KV.

* The maximum gas fuel consumption in each block is equal to 100000 cubic meters per hour.

* The maximum gas oil fuel in each block is equal to 90000 liter per hour.

* The first gas station has been synchronized in the month of July, 2016, and now it is in the phase of going through the pilot operation.

* The second gas station has been also synchronized in the month of August, 2016, and is ready for the phase of operation.

* The steam station number 1 is under construction.

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