In the presence of minister of energy
the gas section of Goharan power plant was inaugurated;

In  the evening of a Thursday, February 1 2018, in  the video conference of the ceremony of simultaneous inauguration of projects of Golgohar mining and industrial complex, and infrastructure and economic plans, Reza Ardakanian said: “During the 12th administration, a capacity of 20000 MW was operated, and today is the so-called day of electricity and energy in Kerman province.”

He added: “Today, two huge combined cycle power plants of Samangan with a capacity of 492 MW, and  Goharan combined cycle power plant, using private sector’s participation with a cost of 565 million euros (equal to 190 billion tomans) were operated.”

Referring to the point that in addition to these two combined cycle power plants, four power stations will be operated, he added: “The operation of 240 KV Foulad-e Pershia power substation, 400 to 132 KV Meymand to Shahr-e Babak power substation, Samangan 230 KV, and the start of executive operations of Jiroft 400 to 132 KV power substation, and Kahnouj 400 to 230 power substation will be carried out.”

Energy minister stressed that: “3000 billion tomans will be allocated to these plans in electricity and power sections, and Kerman province has a very determining role in  our country’s infrastructure sector.”

Having a hint to the point that all rural households with more than 20 members enjoy the gift of electricity in Kerman province, he said: “Today, Kerman province has the capability of exporting its extra production of 140 MW to other zones of the grid.”

Ardakanian gave the news of inaugurating water supply of four projects in Kerman province, and added: “Inaugurating water supply to the cities of Bahraman, Kahnouj, Roudbar-e Jonoub, and Khoursand is being carried out, and the total plan of water supply covers 153000 of citizens, for which 30 billion tomans has been spent.”

Also, the president expressed that: “People and the government together are able to inaugurate 1719 plans and projects just in one single day. He went on to say: “A very promising point in Kerman province is that this province is not an importer of electricity any more, but rather it will be an exporter of electricity from now on.”

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