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Gohar Energy Sirjan

Gohar Energy Sirjan Company was established as a private joint stock company on August 1 2009, and has been registered in Sirjan Companies’ Registration Office with the number 2616. The main activity of the company includes designing, constructing and utilizing power plants, power generation, constructing and implementing projects of gas, power and water lines, constructing power and gas stations, constructing water and sewage treatment plants, investing in purchase of power plants, taking parts in domestic and foreign biddings of projects of constructing power plants and their implementation, raising loans and domestic and foreign currencies from banks and from domestic and foreign credit institutes for the company, performing related industrial activities and any kind of authorized commercial transactions, and power export and import according to the rules and regulations.   

Company’s Main Activities at a Glance

Some of the main activities of Gohar Energy Sirjan company performed successfully since the very first day of its launching are as following:

  1. Construction of 1000 MW Gohran Power Plant

    The Construction of  Goharan 1000 MW power plant consists of two 500-MW blocks of combined cycle according to the contract with Mapna Companies Group, and provides a considerable part of 1433 MW of electricity required for the stations located in the complex.

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  2. Implementation of Power Plant 400 KV Substation of Goharan

    This substation, as one of the biggest transmission substations of the country, has the function of transferring the energy produced in 1000 MW Goharan power plant to the national grid and the downstream industries (such as steel and …).

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  3. Comprehensive Plan of Water Supply to Golgohar Site

    Considering an increase in production capacity in the mining and industrial zone in the shape of implementing development plans, the provision of the water required for the plans was assigned to Gohar Energy Sirjan company.

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  4. Projects of Power Supply to the Stations of Golgohar Complex
  5. Projects of Gas Delivery to the Stations of Golgohar Complex

    The Implementation of 46 kilometers of steel gas delivery grid with diameters of 2 to 24 inches with the pressures of 250 and 400 pounds and 12 pressure regulating stations and 1 cathodic protection station for the power plant, and the station located in Golgohar mining and industrial complex

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  6. Other Projects

    400 KV Post of the Keyhouse

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